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August 24, 2016by Simple Is Good
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Basic Kitchen Plans

The number of homeowners in Durham Region (Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Brooklin, Oshawa, Courtice, Bowmanville, Scarborough) seeking to undertake a kitchen renovation project is rising by the day. Of this rising number, a large number are ignorant of the kitchen plans that will suit their home.

As a homeowner, after considering a kitchen remodeling, you must also take into account the specific kitchen plan that meets your need for efficiency and at the same time best fitting for your entire family. Although there are several kitchen plans, below are the basic plans you may want to choose from.

U-shape kitchen

The conventional U-shape kitchen layout is flexible, allowing users to make use of the three walls conveniently. The advantage of the U-shape plan is that it allows for better storage as well as counter space on each side, maximizing efficiency. However, this plan does not encourage activities of multiple cooks at the same time. You may also consider the recommended 8x8 foot space because anything smaller will not meet the standard minimum 4-feet-space required for the center of the kitchen room. If you have a large kitchen, for more efficiency, fix a workspace at an empty space.

L-shape kitchen

For the L-shape kitchen plan, two workstations can be set on the longer wall while another is placed adjacent to the former. One advantage of the L-shape over the U-shape is that the L-shape creates more kitchen workspace particularly when the central stations are placed near the bend of the L. However, a disadvantage of the L-shape kitchen is that it is not fit for a small sized kitchen as there ought to be adequate space between the stations on the same wall. The arrangement of the workstation is another critical factor to consider. There ought to be a smooth workflow between the serving area, the cooker, the sink, and the refrigerator. The best position to station the serving area is the space directly facing the bend of the L.

The Island kitchen

The Island kitchen plan is a familiar style due to the isolated workstation fixed with the stovetop or sink. This plan is best for big kitchen space where the workspace is beyond the recommended 26-foot space for utmost efficiency. Island kitchen plans are not suitable for kitchens that have two workstations on opposite sides. The island plan is best for special countertops like butcher block used for chopping vegetables or marble used in rolling out your delectable desserts. You may also want to consider installing a rolling island that can be rolled outside the kitchen to your deck or patio for the entertainment of your guests.

The kitchen plan where an extreme of the island rests on a wall or cabinets is referred to as the peninsula plan. This plan replicates the flexibility of the island plan but requires relatively smaller space. However, the peninsula and island plan both provide a workstation for the cook, as well as a view into a room in the house rather than a wall. A peninsula may also be used for either a bar or buffet after cooking.

Single Wall Kitchen

The single wall kitchen plan is common in vacation homes/apartments and smaller homes. This plan is obviously best for space management; however, space may not be sufficient for maximum efficiency of the cook. There is usually a door at both ends, which sometimes causes high traffic; the cook may not be comfortable with this, which can get the cook frustrated. The single-wall kitchen is ideal in a setting where the sink is installed in the middle of the space close to the stovetop and the refrigerator. If there is enough space, you may create counter space of about four feet on both sides of the sink.

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