KitchenKitchen Cabinets: What to Consider Before You Upgrade

August 24, 2016by Simple Is Good
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Considering New Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets style is solely dependent on your choice and budget. It’s all determined by the feel you wish to create, your preferred visual appeal, your general home design, among other factors. Bone, antique, off-whites, or linen-white fit perfectly into any kitchen, from modern day to traditional. Reconciling the style of your kitchen cabinets with the general decor of your home should be your primary concern. Selecting a compatible stain, door style, finish, and cabinets hardware components makes things easier.

All that matters in your kitchen cabinets styles is your taste and budget. Remember that the designs of your kitchen cabinets’ door may not be same with the general style of your kitchen cabinets. Your kitchen cabinets theme is determined by the paint color, pictures, decorations, wallpaper, lighting, appliances etc. installed in your kitchen. For your kitchen to maintain a long lasting visual appeal, pattern your kitchen based on all of these components.

During the construction/installation process, ensure you consult one of our kitchen remodeling experts - they will provide all the insight you need in choosing your cabinets - we have all types of kitchen cabinets you may ever need for your kitchen remodeling project.

Basic Kitchen Cabinets

Throughout the years of kitchen renovations and remodeling in Durham Region, our experts have compiled a long list and picture books of various styles of kitchen cabinets that can fit into any kitchen regardless of their theme. Here are four basic designs you may want to use in selecting kitchen cabinets styles, finishes as well as personalization to give nothing less than your desired taste.

Eclectic Charm

This is an interesting combination of all the things you adore which all seem to flow. This is a personalized freestyle technique that gives one an avenue to freely mix tones, textures, shape and color to make a harmonized concept.

Restful Retreats

This style creates an aura of peace; away from the disarray, representing a pattern that focuses on relaxation and comfort. This style offers a perfect withdrawal from the busy world outside the home.

World at Your Doorstep

The World at Your Doorstep concept reflects the countries or destinations you hold dear in your heart. You may love to use ancient Africa, Asia, Latin, and Italian, just to mention a few places that might inspire you. These custom designs are great and timeless, often offering that unique characteristics you may be looking for.

Simple Elements

These are simple, clean and crisp concepts. These designs are simple, stylish and with smooth illustration, yet with a relaxed and gentle effect. Some consider simplicity an artform - perhaps your kitchen cabinets should also extend that belief?

Consider Your Kitchen Traffic

In your kitchen cabinets selection, ensure you think about the smooth flow of traffic in your kitchen. You may want to change your fixtures, kitchen appliances or entrance positioning if there is an inadequate flow of traffic. Angling countertops should be used where there are narrow doorways and likewise can be used for specific corners on a cabinet island. Creating adequate spaces between stations allows for free flow of human traffic, avoiding the shoulder to shoulder accidents.

Consider Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is a very key factor, and that must not be overlooked in your kitchen design. Your kitchen should have different lighting for both day and night. The features installed in your kitchen should serve to brighten up your kitchen. The color of your cabinet stains has a lot of effect on your kitchen since the cabinets eat up a lot of space on your kitchen walls.

Consider the above factors before you finally decide what you want in order to avert avoidable waste of time and money.

Our Kitchen Cabinet Experts Are Ready to Help!

Are you still confused as to what style to use for your kitchen cabinets? No worries, our professional designers are ready to give you useful suggestions and bits of advice that will help you make the right choice. Kitchen cabinets play a major role in your design and is a major part of your kitchen remodeling project.

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